Music is ever evolving. Compositions keep changing styles and expressions over years. Contemporary popular music compositions demand understanding of and proficiency in Indian Classical Music techniques and expressions. The Contemporary Classical Music programme is designed to empower the aspirants with the right skills, knowledge and understanding of Indian Classical Music to become versatile singers and performing artistes.

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The human voice is extremely versatile and requires a deep understanding of the mechanisms to create beautiful and melodious expressions. The Voice Intensive is a beautifully designed voice-grooming programme to give you an expert understanding of your own voice to help you sing at your best potential. The programme has been successfully conducted by our experts over the years and has transformed an enviable list of aspirants into performing artistes and playback singers.

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Artistic expressions often thrive and blossom with the support of one of the most versatile musical instruments, the guitar. It’s popular, universally loved and can be used for creating and expressing music across genres. The Guitar Programme has been carefully crafted to help aspirants understand the scope of the instrument and internalize the techniques to help create a symbiotic relationship between the guitar and the musician. The programme will help create a string sense of familiarity and comfort with the instrument for you to explore your personal and professional artistic needs.

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Understanding and mastery of keys are imperative for exploration, practice and performance. Thanks to developments in technology, the piano has become pleasantly accessible and adaptive. The piano is a perfect instrument for accompaniment or for independent expression. The Piano Programme has been designed to understand and internalize the instrument for all your artistic expressions.

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My Wishlist is a unique multiple-genre multi-disciplinary integrated programme in music. The intensive programme allows you to choose lessons in the guitar, piano and in multiple genres of singing. Often musicians are restricted in their expressions because of their lack of skills and knowledge in instruments. Also, owing to various reasons, we do not get the opportunity to explore other genres and stay limited to a certain genre of music. The programme is designed to explore your passion, find your unique voice and learn all that you have in your wishlist.

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The Summer Programmes at the World Music Initiative have been designed specially to let school and college students explore an artistic pursuit during summer holidays. The programmes are collaborative, exploratory and intensive to create the right atmosphere for participation and learning within a specific time period. The programmes are available in voice, guitar and piano.

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Numerous researchers and scientists across the planet have endorsed through their studies how the first nine months inside the womb have a strong influence in shaping the rest of our life. We have always known this through narrations in our epic tales, much before the western scientific validation. A research paper co-authored by Nobel Prize winning economist, Amartya Sen talks about the importance of fetal origins in creating a productive population. Genesis is a unique and pioneering programme in music designed by the World Music Initiative for expecting mothers to create positive influences in their progeny. Spend a few hours in the nine months amidst soulful music and a pleasant and friendly atmosphere to sow seeds for a brilliant and happy future.

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We all have dreams beyond our academic and professional lives. Daily routines and urban living often drain us out and leave us with hardly any energy to explore and pursue a passion. Hobby Programmes in music have specially been designed for busy students and working professionals to explore their passion in music and thrive in harmony. Learn to sing what you have always wished to sing, pick up the guitar like a pro, or play the piano, or simply explore music in all its colours and genres. Spend some time, whenever you have the time to be actively engaged in music.   

A healthy mind and a healthy body is a prerequisite for brilliance, whether for music or for any other pursuit. Specially designed sessions in Yoga and healthy breathing techniques would be conducted by renowned experts as a part of most of the programmes of the World Music Initiative to help the participants thrive in the best of their mind and health.

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We love original compositions. If you have a tune in your mind, or have an idea for a composition, walk in and talk to our experts. We will find the right team of musicians for you to help embellish your idea or your composition into a complete song or a complete piece of music. Collaborate with musicians and participate in the arrangement and programming of your song. Record the song or the musical piece at our studios. Own your song and revel in the experience of creating one.


Music publishing has become simpler and complex than ever before. Simpler because access to technology and media is unrestricted, complex because finding the right platform for expression and launch and to be heard above the din is a daunting task. Maybe you would also wish to make a music video for easy access and wider reach. Our team of experts would make music videos for you that are aesthetic and cost effective, while creating a hassle-free and a fulfilling experience for you.


The star performers from the various programmes would be invited to participate in creating collaborative and original music. We will find and create the right compositions for you, programme and arrange the pieces with the finest professionals, record you at our studios and create music videos too. Walk in with your aspirations; walk out as a published artiste.


You’re interested in covers? While we would love to see you discover your original expression with us, we wouldn’t dissuade you should you be interested in creating cover versions. We will find the right collaborators for you and help create your cover versions, with videos if you wish to.

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